About Us

Double Gemini provides productivity training, transformation, and consulting services. Our methodologies help individuals and organizations clarify vision, get organized, coordinate work, and stay on top of information.

People come to us when they’re drowning in email, struggling to organize meetings that stay on point, or need help successfully completing initiatives that create value. Clients stick with us because they get results that go beyond being more efficient, but actually change their individual work habits or organizational culture for the better.

Every technique in our toolkit has been tested and refined for over a decade to deliver the best possible value for our customers. Our processes are easy to learn, habitual, and adaptable to different individual and organizational styles. They have been applied to help for-profits improve the bottom line, and not-for-profits actualize their missions.

Our Vision

To build an army of productivity experts to help solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Our Mission

To create the world’s best productivity processes and provide people with the tools and knowledge to use them.

Our Core Values

  • Proactive planning is in our DNA.
  • We deliver engaging customer experiences.
  • We care about the details that make everything better.
  • We measure quality by our ability to inspire productivity.
  • We build calm, kind, and confident leaders.

For more information, reach out anytime or visit us in downtown New York City.


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