The Stack Method

The problem

Research shows that the average person in corporate America spends 28% of their week, managing their inbox. That's over 11 hours a week, and over 500 hours per year.

Managing your emails is overwhelming. You're inundated. You have emails flying in from all angles. Some are important, some are urgent, and some are both. Aaaarrggghh!!! What if you miss something? What if you forget to respond to someone? What about those people who need to respond to you?

The bottom line is, email takes up too much time and it is stressful.

Our Solution

After 12 years of process design, we have a unique solution that addresses email management time and also tremendously reduces stress levels. It works.

We don't shift the problem to the latest software fad. We tackle it head on and give you step-by-step process instructions to show you how to tame the email monster, regardless of which email client you use.

We stick with you, until this new way of mentally processing and handling your emails becomes a habit. It will be second nature to you in no time.

The Stack Method is the ONLY email processing technique that is customizable to your current workflows.


Your employees are spending almost 30% of their work year managing emails. It makes sense to implement efficiencies here.

Your teams will become so skillful in processing email, it will become an afterthought of their day. With this way of being, they will exponentially increase their ability to concentrate on their other priorities. ie. their work, their family, or whatever it is that they want to be doing, other than spending time managing their emails.

Address email overwhelm with The Stack Method. It is structured, saves time, organizes you and puts you in control.

Who is it for?

Any individual, department or organization where your employees are overwhelmed with email communication.

Our Stack Method Workshops change email processing behavior. Our Stack Method Management Office changes email culture.

We work with your teams beyond the classroom and help them develop a new email processing habit.

Four hours in our class can save your employees over 100 hours over the course of one year.


Stack Email Management Office

What is it?

An Email Management Office is an internal committee at your organization that sets standards and policies on email usage, response times, subject line conventions (for productive communications), and helps reduce email overwhelm by supporting training and team communications.

Who is it for?

Any organization looking to solve the problem of email overload and create a better work/life balance for their team members.

Organizations with high volumes of email communications that need a productivity boost to improve communication efficiency.

What makes it unique?

Quite frankly - no one else in the world offers this service.

This is the only solution on the market that takes a comprehensive look at the problem of email in organizations, and addresses them.

How is it delivered?

Our delivery involves three stages:


We begin by identifying the right champions in your organization to lead the charge. We then analyze your current email environment through a survey and interviews. This information is used to build a custom strategy for a successful roll-out in your environment.


We deliver Stack Method Email Workshop™ training and practice sessions to everyone you identify in your organization. The workshop includes practice sessions to drive up natural adoption rates.


Build the capabilities of the Email Management Office members to support the organization after the engagement ends. This includes helping them optimize email standards, policies, and processes.


Stack Email Workshop

Master Your Email Inbox

In just 3 hours we can put you in total control of your email, for the rest of your life.


Experience Remarkable Results

People who learn the Stack Method report remarkable results, including eliminating anxiety, getting back their nights and weekends, reduced working hours, never losing track of an email, and experiencing more flow and creativity with their work.

“As a busy executive managing multiple complicated projects, the Stack Method helped me move through hundreds of emails a day, acting on the top priority messages.”

Eileen T. | Technology VP

“Thanks to the Stack Method, I no longer worry about emails getting lost or buried. I am responsive, organized, and at peace with my inbox.”

Mollie W. | Senior Director

“The Stack Method has absolutely changed the way in which I work and has allowed me to schedule my time in the office more efficiently. I have been using the stack method for 2 years and I am never going back.” 

Marisa F. | Chief of Staff


Get Back Your Sanity

The Stack Method solves the biggest problem with email: fragmentation.
When email wrecks your concentration, it takes twice as long to get work done, which creates stress.


The Stack Method Workshop gives you all the techniques you need to master your inbox, organize your time, and manage your work, all customized to your specific job.


It Works with Any Email Client

Regardless of what email client you use, we can help. That's because the Stack Method work with any email program, including Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Lotus Notes, Hotmail, and more.


We Help You Build the Habit

It's one thing to learn the techniques, but putting them into practice can be hard to do alone. That's why anyone who takes the class has the option of attending up to 10 free one hour practice sessions. Our live instructors will help you get organized and master the technique for your unique job.

Become an Email Certified Professional

Complete two practice sessions and you can choose to take a free 15 question exam to become a certified Stack Email Productivity Professional. We also provide a digital certificate and custom page on our site that verifies your credential. (PMI members can claim up to 5 PDU's for the course).