Stack Class Launched Online


Our online workshop for Stack Method Email Productivity has officially been launched! 

Feedback from the workshop to date confirms that our time spent developing this workshop was well-spent:

Well done and engaging, especially for a webinar on email.

Very engaging and helpful.

Great! I can't wait to start stacking!

I thought it was great. I honestly thought I knew all of the secrets to Gmail inbox management, but this is a completely new approach. I'm excited to do the follow up practice sessions.

Very good, and super helpful. My inbox will never be the same again, and that's a great thing.

I found it really helpful... I liked my management system and so wasn't that convinced I should try something new, but I'm excited to try out this system.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the workshop and provided us with feedback. We've applied your feedback, and the class wouldn't be in it's current state if not for you.