Our unique and collaborative Strategic Planning Process with an execution plan that reduces overwhelm and catapults you closer towards your end goals.

After working with us on forming a realistic and achievable Strategic Plan, you will also have a dashboard of all of your initiatives with clearly prioritized and defined projects in order to reach your desired end state.

Imagine a world where you know exactly what it would take to execute on your strategic plan.

Know the deal

Before you decide how to get where you want to go, you need to know where you’re at. We start by defining your competitive advantages if you’re an organization, or with your core value proposition if you’re a team. We then confirm your Vision and Mission, or help you define new ones.

See it

We make your objectives crystal clear for your team and create better alignment to your goals by providing you with a graphical representation of a 3-5 Year View and 3-5 Year Arc that illustrates where you are heading. Who doesn’t like a pretty picture?

End state

We work with you to define where you’d like to be in 5 years from now. We then look at what needs to happen to get you there, and prioritize what need to be achieved in the next 12 months.

Set up for success

Once you have defined your strategy, planning out the next steps can be overwhelming. We create a realistic dashboard for you with all of the prioritized initiatives, programs and projects (with timelines) that need to be executed on to achieve your strategic goals. You can breathe.

All you need to do…

…is execute. Or, have us project manage the execution of your plan for you! (Shameless plug.)

We ended up with a Plan that thoroughly detailed what we wanted to become and how we were going to get there, with alignment between owners with differing viewpoints.
Double Gemini have a great ability to take chaos and organize it into actionable and obtainable plans.
— Fran, Owner, Coughlin Capital

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