You may have some questions, so we’ve listed and answered the most common ones we’re asked. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

+ What sorts of problems do you help organizations solve?

Modern business' biggest causes of low productivity are what we focus on: Email overload, wasteful meetings, unfocused strategic goals, and poorly managed initiatives. Through better management of these few areas you can see huge gains in productivity across your business.

+ Who are Double Gemini's ideal clients?

Start-Ups to Fortune 500 companies can see gains through our approach. Our methodologies are valuable to all shapes and sizes of business!

+ Do you offer Executive coaching?

Our Executive Training is in our Email Productivity methods.

+ Do you work with clients outside of New York?

Yes! We have worked with clients both coast to coast in the US, as well as internationally.

+ Are you able to train our teams online? Or does the training have to be on site?

While we believe that in person training is the most effective, we also offer our training online.

+ Does our entire company have to use your methodologies for them to be effective? Or is it still effective if it's only a small team?

We believe that productivity is a team sport, but our methodologies don't have to be implemented to an entire organization. The value can be realized one team or one department at a time.

+ What methodologies do you use?

Our methods are unique to Double Gemini and have been developed over the years by our founder, Prasanth Nair, through his extensive experience in management, delivery, and enthusiasm for productivity.

+ How is the Vision Method different than Agile or Waterfall methodologies?

The Vision Method combines the responsive nature of agile, with the structure of waterfall to create a unique approach focused on team productivity.

+ Do we need to purchase software to use your solutions?

No. We implement processes and methodologies. While we have preferred tools that best complement our methods, no specific software purchases are required.

+ How long does each initiative take to roll out?

Our workshops are as short as half a day, and our PMO rollouts could take anything from 8 weeks to 6 months depending on the size of the department/organization and your needs. Contact us to discuss timelines for your needs.

+ Do you offer a free initial consultation?

Yes! Call us.