In addition to our workshops, we evaluate your business to set meeting standards, customize agenda templates, and train your own resources to be floating facilitators of the Focus Method™.

Based on our methodology and techniques, we will customize your new meeting protocols to transform the way meetings are viewed, attended, participated in and run. This will result in higher employee motivation and increased momentum within your organization.

Imagine a world where meetings are productive and employees are motivated to add value.

No brainer

Meetings are the single most common and time-consuming activity in organizations. It’s a no-brainer to focus on this area for productivity savings. Mic drop.


We begin by working with you to identify the champion(s) to collaborate with on the rollout initiative. We then analyze your specific meeting environment and develop best-practices, policies, and standards in line with our methodology and techniques. 


Following that, we create a strategy for the roll out of the Focus Meeting Management Office, including a customized version of our workshop for your teams, with surveys and metrics to measure success.

The meeting productivity office

In addition to rolling out customized workshops for your employees, we will set up your champions with the necessary tools to provide ongoing in-house support to optimize meeting standards, policies, and processes after the engagement ends, and to on-board new employees into your new meeting culture.

Professional facilitators

We work with you to select specific employees to be part of a pool of professional in-house facilitators that can be called upon to support those meetings that really matter. You know the ones.

No more bad meetings

Imagine a world where all meetings are productive, participants participate, decisions are made, projects move forward, employees are motivated, time is saved and brain space is released. No, don’t just imagine it; have it for real.

When we partnered with Double Gemini, their Focus method brought us to a clearer sense of purpose for meetings and equipped us with a structure that we have been able to deploy effectively and repeatably at all levels. Satisfaction has gone way up and, with it, productivity.
— George Tsiatis CEO, The Resolution Project

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Have a Double Gemini Facilitator run your most important meetings, retreats and break out sessions so your participants can focus on bringing their best selves to the table.

Training, standard templates, role plays and practice sessions for teams of 10-30 participants (participants can be spread across the organization if required).