Focus Meeting Management Office

Build a culture of efficiency around Meetings.

What is it?

We help teams set up a Meeting Management Office (MMO), an internal committee that sets standards, supports training and tools, and ensures adoption of simple, effective techniques for creating agendas and facilitating meetings.

Who is it for?

Any team or organization seeking to completely transform the way meetings are run to push for better results.

Teams/organizations looking to create a better work environment and culture for their members.

What makes it unique?

Organizations have groups to manage IT, HR, and other shared services, but no company we’re aware of has a group focused on improving meetings, even though meetings are most employees largest daily time commitment, and consistently one of the largest sources of frustration on employee engagement surveys. We help organizations improve meeting productivity and reduce the negative cultural impacts of poorly run meetings.

How is it delivered?

Our delivery involves three stages:


We begin by identifying the champion(s) to collaborate with on the initiative. Then we analyze your current meeting environment and develop best-practices, policies, and standards. A strategy is created for the roll out with metrics we can use to measure success.


Focus Method Meeting Workshop™ training and (optional) Focus Method Pro Training™.


Ongoing support to optimize meeting standards, policies, and processes.

Build the capabilities of the Meeting Management Office™ members to support the organization after the engagement ends.

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