Your employees spend too much time in unproductive meetings.

They are distracted, frustrated, and want less meetings, or ones that add more value.



The world’s most effective meeting methodology to keep employees engaged, reach decisions faster and keep your business moving

After learning our techniques in three 1.5 hour workshops, your employees will be able to facilitate in-person and online meetings that gain clarity, add value, create momentum, and reduce the number of hours needed for meetings.

12% of each employee’s week is a waste of time

According to a white paper produced by NFO Worldwide, the average employee spends 37% of each week in meetings, of which a third are unproductive. Thats 12% of their week that is wasted, and time you can’t get back. What?! Yes, sadly, it’s true.

Be prepared in less than 10 minutes

We made a silly number of iterations (so you didn’t have to) to come up with the best way to create and present a useful agenda. The design and structure of our templates mean you can strategize and be prepared in less than 10 minutes.

Keep participants engaged

We teach your employees how to be active participants that add value, and we also teach them how to appropriately facilitate and engage their colleagues that haven’t quite mastered it yet.

Reach decisions faster

The structure of our agenda templates and the techniques we teach enable decisions to be reached faster. We also have specific minute-taking tips that better highlight decision owners, clarify next steps and expectations, and encourage follow through.

Less brain space needed

The subtle instructions and guidelines that are built into our agenda templates, and the psychology around the choice of font types, font sizing, colors, and spacing… as well as the consistency, all play a part in freeing up brain space for both the facilitator and the participants. This means that the background mental processing that usually occurs is no longer necessary, and everyone can focus on what they are there to achieve.

Save time and $$$

That’s right, using The Focus Method will create good habits and your teams will be able to speed through meetings, and address and capture everything that is important. Good habits save time, and that saves money.

Which Focus Method™ format is best for your organization?


Have a Double Gemini Facilitator run your most important meetings, retreats and break out sessions so participants can focus on bringing their best selves to the table.   

Training, standard templates, role plays and practice sessions for teams of 10-30 participants (participants can be spread across the organization if required).   

In addition to our workshops, set standards, customize templates, and train floating facilitators to handle the most important meetings to improve meeting productivity, and increase the positive cultural impacts of well run meetings in your department or organization. 

When we partnered with Double Gemini, their Focus method brought us to a clearer sense of purpose for meetings and equipped us with a structure that we have been able to deploy effectively and repeatably at all levels. Satisfaction has gone way up and, with it, productivity.
— George Tsiatis CEO, The Resolution Project

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