Focus Method Meeting Workshops

Organize and run meetings that matter.


Meeting Productivity Made Simple

This set of three workshops teaches students how to master running the every day business meeting. It covers agenda preparation, facilitation for in-person and conference call meetings, and provides best practices for recording and meeting environment set-up. We make all of these concepts simple to learn and easy to apply through the course, with the templates, and through the hands on experience both in and out of the workshops.  

The Focus Method Meeting Workshops can be delivered as a half day course or as a series of a la carte courses based on the needs and preferences of your organization.

The Focus Method Course

Learn the basics of running a better business meeting in 1 hour.

Includes the Double Gemini Focus Agenda Template and support hours for evaluating participant built agendas up to a week after the course.

Decisions made with a process have lower risk and a higher probability of being effective.

Participants are taught the Focus Decision Making Framework for understanding how decisions are made and learn how to structure an agenda to support the conversation in this 2 hour workshop.

Participants learn simple, but compelling techniques to keep meetings on track and avoid the obstacles that often derail them in this 2 hour workshop.

Our approach, which we call the Focus Flow Framework, is simple, and easy to apply to both in person and conference call meetings. 

Taught by Instructors with Experience

The course is delivered in person by Focus Method Certified Consultants from Double Gemini. Our instructors facilitate hundreds of meetings a year using the techniques we teach for both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations on almost a daily basis.



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