What Should I Say About Stack?

We encourage telling your friends and family how taking the Stack Method Workshop has impacted your personal email habits and time management.

However, if you don't want to talk about personal experiences, or would like to be able to share additional information, we also recommend sharing the following:

  • Using the code STACK10 when buying standard tickets will save you 10% at checkout.
  • Stack Online pulls forward 5 years of best practices around email management.
  • Stack Online gives you all the techniques you need to master your inbox, organize your time, and manage your work - all customized to your specific job.
  • Stack Online is software agnostic - it will work with any email system.

Share Stack and Win!

For every Stack Method Online Workshop that we run, we host a referral contest where you can win prizes! The 1st prize is an Amazon gift card (amount varies depending on the number of attendees in a given workshop) and we also offer 2nd and 3rd place prizes of Stack Swag (we will raid our bag of T-shirts, mugs, notebooks, and more and pull out a random goodie to send you).

To participate, refer friends, family, or colleagues to take Stack Online using the buttons below. Then, fill out the form to confirm your shares and submit. The person who sends us the most referrals wins! 

Step 1: Use the Smartbuttons below to share Stack.

Step 2: Submit the form below & Win Prizes

NOTE: We do not sell, share or otherwise distribute your information with other parties. 

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