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Set email policies and standards, implement subject line conventions, and change the way your employees interact with emails… forever.

After customizing the standards and policies around email behavior to suit your organization, and integrating them into the Stack Method™ workshop we deliver, work-life for your employees will never be the same again.

Imagine a world where your employees spend less time dealing with emails, and can work on what really matters.

Be on the same page

Having a team learn the Stack Method™ is awesome. Having an entire department or organization singing from the same hymn sheet is harmonious. No more second-guessing what the email is about, or what your next steps are… No more worrying that you’ll be judged for not saying “thank you”, or receiving eye-rolls for saying “got it”. We work with you to decode expectations, set new guidelines, and then communicate them to your entire audience.

The training

Once your organization’s guidelines have been set, we incorporate them into workshops that we will deliver to 10-30 participants at a time. The Stack Method™ will teach your employees to look at, process, and respond to emails in a whole new way.  Not only will your employees think different, they will be different.

Set standards and policies

We begin by identifying the right champions in your organization to lead the change. We then analyze your current email environment through surveys and interviews. This information is used to build a custom strategy for a successful roll-out in your environment.

Maintain this new way of work-life

The workshops are followed up with set-up sessions and practice sessions. The internal committee you designate will hold email workout sessions (we’re not kidding) to support your employees in maintaining this new way of working. It’s fun, motivational, and increases productivity. Period. 

Save time and reduce stress

As a result, your employees will save time, be able to concentrate on moving your business forward, and will be less stressed. Who doesn’t want to be less stressed?

The Stack Method was the best productivity training I’ve ever been through!!! I reduced amount of emails in my inbox from 9,736 to zero, and using Stack daily I manage to keep it at zero.
The hours that you’ll take to go through the training are SO WORTH IT! I am actively using the Stack Method on a daily basis and now have to spend no longer than an hour a day on email. I’m so much more productive!
— Mariam G., Director of Analytics

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Training, set-up and practice sessions for teams of 10-30 participants (participants can be spread across the organization if required).

1:1 training, set-up and practice sessions focused on the specific challenges faced by Executives and their Assistants.