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Training, set-up, and practice sessions for teams of 10-20 participants.

After learning our methodology in a 2-hour workshop, your employees will be email management ninjas, and be able to reclaim hours of their time back per week.

Your team will have more time and be less stressed.

More important things

That’s right. There are more important things your team could be working on than trying to stay afloat in a sea of emails. We will teach them how to handle emails more efficiently and free up their time to work on what really matters.

Less stress

In our experience, emails are one of the biggest causes of stress to employees. After teaching them to get their inbox to zero, and keep it that way on a daily basis, their stress levels will markedly decrease, and get their creative juices flowing. Imagine what they’ll be capable of…

The workshop

We take your team through our methodology in a 2-hour workshop and teach them how to look at emails in a completely different way. Mind. Blown. With this new perspective, we will teach them to sort, organize, prioritize, and process at record speed.

The set-up

Following the workshop, we work with your team to create and name folders according to this new methodology, and customize the folders to suit their roles. We then teach them to use quick keys for your organization’s chosen email client. In addition, we coach them through the process, live, while they work to get their inboxes down to zero in the session itself.

The practice sessions

To build a habit, they need to practice. We hold six web sessions on the days following the workshop and insist on your team attending at least two of them, so we can coach them in perfecting their new skills. Of course, they are welcome to attend all six, at no extra charge.


After completing two practice sessions, your employees will have the option of taking a free 15 question exam to become a certified Stack Email Productivity Professional. We also provide a digital certificate and custom page on our site that verifies their credential. Hmm, how about getting your whole company or department certified?

After working with Double Gemini, I am at zero inbox, which allows me to be fully in control and on-top of my email communications, tasks, and deliverables.
— Athena C., President

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1:1 training, set-up and practice sessions focused on the specific challenges faced by Executives and their Assistants.

In addition to our workshops, set departmental or corporate email policies and standards, implement subject line conventions, and change the way your employees interact with emails… forever.