Stack Email Management Office

Build a culture of efficiency around email.

What is it?

An Email Management Office is an internal committee at your organization that sets standards and policies on email usage, response times, subject line conventions (for productive communications), and helps reduce email overwhelm by supporting training and team communications.

Who is it for?

Any organization looking to solve the problem of email overload and create a better work/life balance for their team members.

Organizations with high volumes of email communications that need a productivity boost to improve communication efficiency.

What makes it unique?

Quite frankly - no one else in the world offers this service.

This is the only solution on the market that takes a comprehensive look at the problem of email in organizations, and addresses them.

How is it delivered?

Our delivery involves three stages:


We begin by identifying the right champions in your organization to lead the charge. We then analyze your current email environment through a survey and interviews. This information is used to build a custom strategy for a successful roll-out in your environment.


We deliver Stack Method Email Workshop™ training and practice sessions to everyone you identify in your organization. The workshop includes practice sessions to drive up natural adoption rates.


Build the capabilities of the Email Management Office members to support the organization after the engagement ends. This includes helping them optimize email standards, policies, and processes.

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