DG Strategic Planning

Get help building your strategic plan.

What is it?

We help organizations or teams develop their strategic plan. This includes defining their competitive advantages (for organizations), key value proposition (for teams), vision, mission, 5 year views and arc, and define their key initiatives for the upcoming year.

Who is it for?

Organizations looking to define or improve their strategic plan.

Teams looking to develop or improve their strategic plan.

What Makes It Unique?

We Start At The Beginning

Many strategic planning efforts start at defining your Vision. We start by defining your competitive advantages if you’re an organization, or with your core value proposition if you’re a team. This makes all the difference because it has a cascading effect on your overall strategic plan.

We Build with the End in Mind

We’re also experts at program and project management. This means we can help you build a plan  that’s not only powerful, but executable. 

Visuals to Convey Key Concepts

Having a Vision is nice, but it’s much better to complement it with a 3-5 Year View and 3-5 Year Arc that graphically illustrates where you are heading. This makes it crystal clear for your team and creates better alignment to your goals

How is It Delivered?


We start by definition your competitive advantage (for organizations), or core value proposition (for teams). This sets a solid foundation for your strategic plan.

We use the information in step 1 to help you define or refine your Vision, Mission, and Values - the central tenants for your organization or team.


We work with you to paint a picture of what the future looks like in terms of customers, operations, people, products, services, and define how you’ll get there.


Everything is wrapped up by defining and sequencing your initiatives over the next year. If applicable, we help you craft the necessary financials to support your plan.

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