Word On The Street

Yes, it’s true. People are talking about us. Here’s who they are and what they’re saying…

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Athena C, President

"There was a lack of structure around project development and I had an overwhelmed email box. I tried reading books, taking on-line tutorials, and endless to do lists.
After working with Double Gemini, I am at zero inbox, which allows me to be fully in control and on-top of my email communications, tasks, and deliverables. From the project management side, I am about to control, manage, and design projects to achieve maximum impact. 
The methodologies are super easy and intuitive, I never felt burdened or confused, and most importantly, I learned skills that have remained with me for many years. 
The Double Gemini team is AMAZING!! They are super supportive and they listen to your challenges. They are able to meet you where you are in your capabilities and provide you training that you can manage. They have tons of experience with all sorts of industries and organizations, so they are able to offer unique perspectives that help your individual organization to thrive. 
If you are considering engaging Double Gemini, JUST DO IT! ( to steal a popular slogan ;) )"

Rachel Kidanne, Telemedicine Manager

"We needed help with managing and keeping track of all of the moving pieces involved in launching our OHS program.
We gained tons of practical guidance on how to keep work organized, parsed and manageable. The training was dedicated and hands-on. The team really put the time and energy into their training and efforts to support as we learned the ropes.  
Even though I have now moved on from that position, I learned skills from Double Gemini that I continue to use to this day - skills so practical in fact that I find myself using them both at work and at home! 
Their common sense, practical, and endlessly useful approach to process management will serve your business and staff well for years to come. They rock!"

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Rob Santangelo, Director - New Business Development

Since working with Double Gemini, both our sales numbers and our internal communication has increased. Efficiency, organization, and results have all improved!
Prasanth, Paru, and team do an incredible job identifying areas where there may be an opportunity for improvement, have tremendous expertise to provide tangible value, and have an incredible way of proposing solutions to fit your needs and goals. I would 100% recommend working with them as everything they do has a direct impact on achieving both your long term and short term goals.
Working with Double Gemini has been an amazing experience. They are not only a great company but great people as well!

Jim Moreo, Principal

"We needed an organized and experienced Project Manager to help manage a large Windows desktop upgrade project.
As a result of hiring Double Gemini, we completed a thorough, well organized and successful project. Prasanth was enthusiastic and unflappable thorough-out the project.  
If you want an innovative, intelligent, and thorough project management organization, call Double Gemini.
Prasanth rocks!"

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Paul, Senior Director of Technical Services

" We needed project management of internal human and systems resources. By working with Double Gemini, we received complete project management and oversight, resulting in a successful on time and under budget project completion.
The best part was the unique methodology and concepts surrounding all aspects of the project management. We also got enhanced time management, more efficient productivity & meeting efficiency and organization. They are a great team of people that were very easy to work with.
I would definitely recommend Double Gemini and I would say that an engagement for an initiative will reap benefits far beyond that singular initiative."

Darrin Baldinelli, CEO

"At our company, no formal sales process was established.  Further, selling in our industry proved to be difficult due to our business model and we had many years of failed attempts to hire a leader that could support our growth plans.  
After working with Double Gemini, we gained an established sales process and as a bonus, a filing method which allowed consistency of document storage for all customers. The formal process highlighted areas that required focus in our CRM activity as well as exposed some of the paradigms our industry segment faced when trying to engage our customer base.
In addition, Double Gemini gave us digital filing organization for document storage, strategic planning methodology for high quality detailed Strategic Planning, and advanced presentation planning tools.
Double Gemini assisted our organization not only for the moment, but for the foreseeable future.  The methodology and preparation used during our engagement remains in practice today for all initiatives.  The true value we found was within the long term benefit of our engagement.  
Outside of the initial scope of work, many areas of support were extended as an added service which provided our organization with continued value."

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Bethany Christie circle.jpg

Bethany Christie, Corporate Marketing Manager

"DG practices what it preaches on its website. You don't find that often.
I worked with DG intensively for approximately four months and had an incredibly positive experience. DG truly acts as an extension of your team. Both Prasanth and Paru take a tedious and complex task or project and cultivate a supportive partnership. Most importantly, they execute effectively. We wouldn't have our system in place today without DG."