Vision Method Project Workshops

Reach your goals faster with project productivity.


Master Project Productivity

The Vision Method Project Workshops teach participants project management AND productivity management techniques. 

This makes complete sense when you realize that it’s the productivity of resources that determines the speed and quality of project delivery. Less stressed and better organized resources naturally produce at a faster clip and build better things.

PMs trained on the Vision Method not only manage projects, but act as productivity consultants for the people doing the work. This allows them to deliver projects faster with greater buy-in, visibility, and control, than traditional project management.


Designed for Everyone

Advanced project managers will learn powerful techniques and be inspired to take their skills to another level. Concepts are presented so simply that novices can master and apply these skills without prior project management experience.

See Value on Day 1

The course content is based on over 20 years of experience applying these techniques in a wide range of professional environments. Participants gain from this and walk out of every workshop with the ability to immediately apply what they learned. 


The Vision Method Course


Teaching Approach

Most project management courses are delivered as stand alone workshops. Participants learn the materials and then are expected to apply the knowledge they learn independently.  

We found that this approach doesn’t provide the participants or their organizations the best value. 

All of our courses are delivered as 3 or 4 hour workshops and include 1 week of support between each to help apply and master their skills. 

Participants are never overwhelmed, and their knowledge builds on itself in meaningful increments. 

With our approach, every dollar you spend yields higher returns than traditional training. 


All of our instructors are not only Vision Method Certified, but have current experience applying these techniques to small and large scale projects across a wide variety of industries. 

Templates & Documentation Included

The Vision Method Course includes the following templates:

  • Vision Map (think of a project charter, but better)
  • Vision Project Plan Template (in Smartsheet)
  • Quick Reference Cards
  • Defining the Project Agenda
  • Building the Plan Agenda
  • Managing the Work Agenda
  • Closing to Templates Agenda

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