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The world’s most intuitive and simple document filing methodology that saves your employees time and lowers frustration.

After evaluating your business and operational processes, we will create a structure and document naming convention for your organization or department, based on our own filing methodology. Your employees will get back hours per week, allowing them to spend time on the work that matters.

Your company’s files will be more organized than ever before.

Never lose anything

Our folder labeling and structure is simple, intuitive, and intentionally limited so there aren’t a hundred places for you to think about saving something or looking for something. Your colleagues will quickly be able to tell you the location of a file, but quite frankly, they won’t need to. You’ll find it fine all on your own.


Consistency with file naming conventions is something we insist upon. That way no time is spent translating what that document “might” be. 

Active vs. inactive

Our methodology easily identifies which files are active, versus the ones that have been archived, so you’re not having to search for files in a massive now-not-relevant heap.

No software

Our filing methodology does not require new software or an app. It’s a process that works with your current filing system, be it Dropbox, Google Drive, Windows Explorer or whatever else you use. Mind. Blown.

Version control

Oh. Yes. Version control. Not only do we have a simple system to track versions of documents, we are also able to track who made the most recent changes. Who’d have thought?

Nesting is for the birds

The way we store our files means you won’t be 5 folders within a hierarchy to then realize you’re in the wrong folder. Our archiving process and naming conventions will also ensure you won’t be overwhelmed by too many files being stored in one place. Do not nest. Nesting is for the birds.

Brain space

Yes, here we are again, talking about the importance of brain space. Having a clean, organized filing system, which avoids frustration will create extra brain space for your employees to work on your real business priorities.

Double Gemini truly acts as an extension of your team. They take a tedious and complex task or project and cultivate a supportive partnership. Most importantly, they execute effectively. We wouldn’t have our system in place today without Double Gemini.
— Betahny Christie, Corporate Marketing Manager, Belardi Wong

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