A turnkey PMO implementation built on our productivity processes, with all the tools, templates, standards, training, tips and tricks required for your organization to be successful.

We will set up a new PMO office for you, or upgrade your current one. We will set standards and policies for projects, build dashboards, organize all work into programs and projects, and support all project work with an organized file system. We will also develop customized templates to support your unique workflow. Awesome, right?

Imagine a world where you know the status of every project within your organization, communication is clear, and projects run smoothly.

Who is it for?

Organizations or departments that have never established a PMO and need one, or want to optimize their current PMO with new best practices, without the drama.

It's comprehensive

Most project management systems take a piecemeal approach to managing the work. The Vision PMO integrates everything - tasks, files, time, and knowledge, which results in a better work/life balance for your team, and better outcomes for your business.


Analysis of your current environment and the development of a roll-out plan will take into account the current tools, resources, and capabilities of your organization. Depending on where you are currently at, it will take 3-6 months to train, deliver, implement and successfully begin to run your new PMO.

We care

The attention to detail we put into the design of our templates, file management structure, calendar management, and collaboration efforts means that you can relax and do your job. We will customize everything  to your specific needs, and do all the heavy lifting. Breathe.


We hold in-person and remote training sessions, and quizzes are interwoven throughout the curriculum. We support learning with one-on-one coaching where necessary, to make sure we leave you with all of your resources performing at optimum levels.

Let’s chat

Please reach out to discuss how we can help you and your organization.

Their common sense, practical, and endlessly useful approach to project management will serve your business and staff well for years to come. They rock!
— Rachel Kiddane, Telemedicine Manager

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