Overflowing inboxes are one of the biggest time sucks for employees.

Email increases employee stress levels and decreases their mental bandwidth. We can help.

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The world's best email productivity hack that reduces employee stress and gives them back their time. 

After learning our methodology in a 2-hour workshop, your employees will get back hours PER WEEK, allowing them the time and brain space to address the highest priority needs for your business. 

An empty inbox - say whaaat?

Yup. We teach your teams how to get their inbox down to zero, and keep it that way - every day. Organizing, responding to, and archiving emails will be simple, and will become a habit.

Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail

We can even handle Lotus Notes! (Do people still use that?) We will turn your employees into power users of any email platform, and show them how to work through their emails faster than ever before.

Software? Nope.

No installations or plug ins needed-- just our super powers.

Save time and money

The time savings alone will reduce your employees’ stress levels and increase their mental bandwidth.  As for the money? Time is money, my friend.  Imagine all the possibilities if only your team had the time and the brain space? ….Think about it, and breathe. 

The big companies love us

…so do the small ones, and all those in between. Why? Because of the immediate results. The benefits also include increased employee satisfaction, and reduced staff turnover. Oh, and we’re easy to work with.

What are the possibilities?

Hmm… what could be achieved, if only your team had the time and the brain space? ….Think about it, and breathe.

The Stack Method™ has absolutely changed the way in which I work and has allowed me to schedule my time in the office more efficiently. I have been using the stack method for 2 years and I am never going back.
— Marisa F., Chief of Staff

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Which Stack Method™ is right for your organization? 


Training, set-up and practice sessions for teams of 10-30 participants (participants can be spread across the organization).

1:1 training, set-up and practice sessions focused on the specific challenges faced by Executives and their Assistants

In addition to our workshops, set departmental or corporate email policies and standards, implement subject line conventions, and change the way your employees interact with emails… forever.